In today’s highly litigious society, there is only ONE way to protect yourself – that is, to inform yourself BEFORE you sell your next home!

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Meet Saman Saba, Esq.
Learn Why This Book
Was Written

Hey there, I’m Saman Saba. I am the owner and principal real estate attorney at the Saba Law Group, LLC as well as a licensed REALTOR® and the author of this book. And here’s just one thing you should know about me: I am absolutely obsessed with providing transparency in everything I do!

You see, in my legal and brokerage practice, I have always taken a transparent approach with my clients – always trying to pull back the curtains and to show them why things are done a certain way and why I may or may not think there is an even better way. With my transparent approach, I found that many of my clients were quiet surprised that I would share certain bits of information – information that would actually hurt my pockets at the benefit of theirs. But every time I shared these bits of information, it solidified my reason for wanting to write this book because I truly believe that all consumers should have access to the same information that I share my with my clients

And that is exactly why I decided to write Sell Your Home With Confidence –because there is this incredible need for people, just like yourself, to get the information they need that will help them sell their home while reducing their liability. And that is what I have strived to accomplish with this book as I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned from helping my own clients and have channeled it into this book to make sure you, too, are well-guided and that your home is well-guarded against litigious-prone buyers. 

I’ve left nothing out and have taken nothing for granted! All of the information that you need to know lies within the pages of this book and I truly hope you enjoy reading it!

Can You Relate To Any Of These?

You think, “But I’m working with a REALTOR who has sold many homes so I don’t need to worry about this stuff, right?” The truth is, unless your REALTOR is also an attorney, they are not legally trained nor are they even prohibited by law to speak on legal issues. To do so would be practicing law without a license, which is against the law. Only a lawyer who spent years studying the law and who had to sit for a rigorous bar exam is equipped with the information and tools to fully guide you. 

You are unsure about where to even start. Do you speak to an attorney first or to a REALTOR? What should you be doing now to reduce your liability later? You’ve got questions – lot’s of them! But the more you research (AKA Google) the more confused you get with all of the conflicting information. 


You have heard that the real estate industry is riddled with unscrupulous practices. Perhaps your friends or family members have shared some of their horror stories about what went wrong while  trying to sell their home – and unfortunately, this is not uncommon! So now, it’s got you questioning the integrity and intentions of every real estate professional you come across. 

You feel a bit overwhelmed with the idea of selling your home. Some side effects of selling your home include dread, fear, resistance, and frustrations. After all, we are talking about selling quite possibly, the largest investment of your life, EVER!

Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above?

If so, good

You are SO in the right place.

If you nodded your head to any of these statements, I want you to know
that you are NOT alone and you can address these issues head on and put
yourself back in control because  . .


Sell Your Home With Confidence
is the FIRST book of it’s kind that  . . . 

… has broken down the law into very simple and easy to understand language so that you can approach the sale of your home as an informed consumer! 

… provides you with the exact tools and questions you need to ask of your professionals, whether they are your REALTOR, attorney, any title professional in order to get a clear picture of what you need to do versus what you should never do!

…. will allow you to understand the intricacies involved in selling your home so that you can stay in control and make sure your professionals are doing the job they were hired to do.  

Why Should I Buy This Book?

In case you need a few more reasons, here are the top 3 reasons why you should invest in this book:
  1. You are tiered of feeling like you are in the dark as it relates to your home sale.
“The real estate industry is incredibly transparent, ethical, and litigious-free.”
Said no one.

When a book starts off with these exact words, like this book does, you can bet that the book is going to try to do everything to help empower it’s readers and give them the tools they need to navigate the process smoothly and successfully!
  1. You will be guaranteed to have the knowledge you need to never be taken advantage by another unethical real estate professional ever again!  
That’s right – you’re not just paying for the book, you’re paying for the outcome. By the end of this book, you will have all the knowledge you need to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of in the sale of this home or any other home you will sell in the future.
  1. You’re getting peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything in your power to reduce your chances of being sued. 
This isn’t just a bunch of random information that makes no sense. The knowledge that you will gain in this book will help you DRAMATICALLY reduce your chances of being a party (the defendant) to a lawsuit long after you have sold your home meaning you will have the information you need to keep MORE money in your pocket! The bottom line, is this: this book will help give you the peace of mind that you have been looking for!


… This book is also being used as a platform to bring awareness to a cause that is dear to the heart of the author – Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH).

Watch the video below to learn more about why this cause is dear to the heart of Saman Saba and why she has decided to donate a portion from the proceeds of all sales to CDH research!


When you purchase the book, you’ll also get these bonuses, for free. Including:

Sometimes, all you need is a good checklist to know exactly what you need to do when it comes to preparing your home for sale. After all, first impressions are everything!

This is the ultimate check list to keep yourself, your agent, and your attorney in line! This checklist also has a place where you can enter in the contact information for all the V.I.P. of the transaction which will undoubtedly come in handy!

When you are getting ready for your big move, things will understandably fall through the cracks – but not with this checklist! This list will tell you exactly which tasks need to be completed when so that you never have to worry about having missed something when you are at the settlement table!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to place your home on the market and to get multiple offers?! Yes, it would! But did you know that sometimes, the highest offer is actually NOT the best offer? When you use this worksheet, you will be able to look at all the offers side by side and to do a full analysis of which offer is the best for you.


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